What is a gang sheet?

A gang sheet is a specific sheet size or printing area with multiple logos or design files within that area. The logos can be multiples of the same design or different design files.

Things to note when building your gang sheet

1.  Create your gang sheet in your design software with a width of 15".  The length can be whatever you choose.  

2.  PNG file, with transparent background, and 300 DPI (resolution).  Files with color (even white) surrounding the image/design will take longer time to process and may result in an artwork fee.  

3.  Try to not have any transparent pixels around your designs.  See the image for an example.  Contact us with any questions.

4.  DO NOT mirror your image.  

5.  Your gang sheet will be delivered in a roll.  You will be responsible for cutting them apart so leave enough room in between the designs to make it easier to cut apart.